Bhai Dooj 2015

About Bhai Dooj or Bhai Duj

Bhai Dooj, Bhau-beej or Bhaiya Duj is celebrated by Hindus in Benares very happily in the traditional and cultural way. It is generally based on the relation of the brother and sister, a great festival in Hinduism. People celebrate the festival of Bhai duj on the last 5th day (the second day of the bright fortnight, Shukla Paksha of the Kartika month) of the Diwali festival.

At this occasion, all the sisters make a pray to the God for their dear brothers to have long, prosperous and successful life. First they perform the Tika ceremony and then in returns they got a nice and lovely gift from their brothers.

Bhai Duj is the fifth and last day of the Diwali, the 2nd day of the Shukla Paksh in the month of the Kartik. This festival is known as a the symbol of love for all the sisters and brothers.

Bhai Dooj 2015

Bhai Dooj 2015 would be celebrated by the people on 13th of November, at Friday.

Bhai Dooj 2014
Bhai Dooj 2014 was celebrated by the people on 25th of October, at Saturday.

History and Legends of Bhaiya Duj

In the Vedic era, the legend of the Bhai duj is the God Yama (Yamraj), also known as the Lord of death. It is believed that the God Yama goes to visit his sister Yamuna on this day and she kindly welcomed him by making a tilak on his forehead, so it is celebrated as Bhai duj still. God Yama had given his sister a Vardhan that anyone who see his sister on this day will be free from all his/her sin and got Moksha. From that day, brothers go to see their sisters on this great day for their wellbeing. That’s why, Bhai Duj is also famous by the name of Yama-Dwitiya.

Another myth of the Bhai Duj, Mahavir (founder of the Jainism) got nirvana at this day and his brother (King Nandivardhan) was very upset as he neglected him and reassured by his sister (Sudarshana). That’s why sisters are revered by their dear brothers at the Bhai Duj festival.

One more myth is, Lord Krishna returned to his home and went to meet his sister Subhadra after killing the demon named, Narakasura. Subhadra welcomed his brother, Lord Krishna, very kindly by making a tilak on his forehead. Hence, this day became the never-ending bond of the love and care between the brothers and sisters.

Customs and Traditions on Bhai Dooj

Sisters wake up early in the morning on this day and embellish their Puja Thali, put a vermilion paste as a sacred tika on the forehead, do arti, then they make pray to the God for the long and successful life of their cherished brother. In turn, they get gift and lot of promises from their brother to protect their life from the bad forces. On this occasion, special gifts are available in the market at very nice prices.

Bhaiya Dooj Celebration

The festival of Bhai Duj is especially devoted to the sisters and it is celebrated by sisters by putting a propitious tilak of a vermilion paste on brother’s forehead and does the arti by diya which is a symbol of the love and security by evil forces. Sisters get beautiful gifts and lot of blessings by their brothers.

Bhai Duj Gifts

Bhai Duj is a festival of brother and sister love, sweets, decorations, firecrackers, lights, and barter of the gifts celebrated at the end day of the Diwali festival (it is the five day long festival, starts from Dhanteras, followed by Diwali/Narak Chaturdashi and ends with Bhai Duj). Most common Bhai Duj gifts purchased by brothers and sisters are puja thali, sweet hamper, gift baskets, gift for kids and many more.