Panch Koshi Parikrama

Panch Koshi Parikrama in Varanasi

Panch Koshi Parikrama is the most significant festival for the women in India. There is a myth that Panch Koshi Parikrama will complete only when the devotee will pass through the five great places that’s why it has named behind this. The five places of which the devotees have to round up and complete his Panch Koshi Parikrama are Kardmeshwar, Shivpur, Rameshwar, Bhimchandi and Kapildhara.

Significance of Panch Koshi Parikrama

This parikrama has great importance from the ancient and known for the parikrama of whole India. The procession of Panch Koshi Parikrama starts from the Manikarnika Ghat at Varanasi as well as ends at the same ghat. Women in Varanasi wake up very early in the morning and start their parikrama after taking a holy bath in the sacred water of river Gange at the Manikarnika Ghat. They wear new clothes while making parikrama of the five places. They do not eat anything while making parikrama. They start to eat only after they complete their parikrama.