Chhoti Diwali 2016

Chhoti Diwali 2016

Choti Diwali 2016 would be celebrated by the people on 29th of October, at Saturday.

Chhoti Diwali 2015

Choti Diwali 2015 was celebrated by the people on 10th of November, at Tuesday.

Chhoti Diwali 2014
Choti Diwali 2014 was celebrated by the people on 22nd of October, at Wednesday.

The day after Dhanteras and before to the main Diwali is commemorated as the Choti Diwali or Small Diwali. People celebrate this festival of Chhoti Diwali with the full courage in the wait of Badi Diwali. They celebrate this day with smaller amount of lights and crackers.

Celebration of the Chhoti Diwali

Women adorn their home with the attractive rangolis and flowers from early in the morning. They stick tiny footprints of the Goddess Lakshmi on their home floor which indicates that Goddess Lakshmi will come home and feel respect. In the evening, Lakshmi Puja is held out which ends with the great Arati and Bhajans.

After the puja of Goddess Lakshmi all diyas are positioned in and out of the house, at the doorway, near the Tulasi plant, Neem plant, water source, cattle room etc. Children of the home take Ashirvad from their elders by touching their feet.

Origin, History and Religious Beliefs of Celebrating the Choti Diwali

Chhoti Diwali is also known as Bali Pratipada (Pratiprada means under the foot of challenger). Bali was a very influential king and day by day he was becoming much powerful. All the God had some fear with him that he may be emperor of all the three lokas. Lord Vishnu went to him in Vamana avatar and asked him to give just 3 foot space in his kingdom. Bali was agreed and said that sure I will give you what you have begged to me.

Lord Vishnu took all the 3 lokas in his 2 step and asked to Bali where I keep my third step. Bali said him that keep your third foot on my head. In this way, Lord Vishnu had taken all the lokas from him. People celebrate this day as a Chhoti Diwali for the victory of goodness over evil power.