Kashi Railway Station

Kashi, or Varanasi, is one of the world’s oldest and most populous cities. The beauty of Varanasi is a combination of its ancient history, its spiritual significance, and its vibrant culture. And the city itself is full of life, with people from all walks of life coming to Varanasi to worship, learn, and experience its …

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Banaras Railway Station

The spiritual importance of Varanasi is not hidden with anyone. Steeped in history and culture, Varanasi is famous for its ghats, temples, and rituals along the holy Ganges River. People from far distances travel to Varanasi to fulfil their wishes connected with this divine city. Therefore to make the city easily accessible by all the …

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Varanasi Railway Station

Station Code: BSBZone: Northern Railway, North Eastern RailwayDivision: Lucknow (NR)Lines:Varanasi-Lucknow lineVaranasi-Kanpur lineVaranasi-Allahabad lineVaranasi–Rae Bareli–Lucknow linePlatforms: 9Tracks: 13Parking: AvailableBaggage check: Not Available Varanasi Junction Railway Station Varanasi, a city in the state of Uttar Pradesh, is known for its rich cultural and religious heritage. Every day, thousands of people come here to pray.This ancient city is …

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Varanasi History

History of Varanasi Varanasi, a most famous and oldest inhabited city of the world, originally known as the Kashi (Kashi word was derived from the ‘Kasha’ which means the brightness). Varanasi is renowned by many names, some of are Brahma Vardha, Anandakanana, Avimuktaka, Mahasmasana, Kasi, Sudarsana, Surandhana and Ramya. Currently Kashi is known by the …

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Where is Varanasi

Varanasi is a spiritual city of North India located on the banks of the Gange River (at 80.71 m elevation from river) in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The city has covered around 112.26 km² of the area. Varanasi city is located at the Latitude 25.317644 and Longitude 82.973915.

Varanasi Weather

  Varanasi is the city of real pleasure and enjoyment naturally which is located at the bank of the River Gange. So, it has almost enjoyable climate whole year but there are some fluctuations according to the types of natural seasons.

Facts about Varanasi

Facts of Varanasi: Popularly known as: Benares Banaras Benaras Varanasi Kashi Nickname: The spiritual capital of India Coordinates: 25°16′55″N 82°57′23″E / 25.282°N 82.9563°E / 25.282; 82.9563 Country: India State: Uttar Pradesh District: Varanasi Government: Mayor Ram Gopal Mohle (BJP) Area of City: 1,550 km2 (600 sq mi) Elevation: 80.71 m (264.80 ft) Population of Varanasi …

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RTO Varanasi

Address of RTO Varanasi New Office: Regional Transport Office Address: Babatpur Road, Near Gas Plant, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh Old Office: Regional Transport Office Address: S-2/652-A, Main Road, Sarnath, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh Phone number: +91-542-2585314

Nagar Nigam Varanasi

Varanasi Nagar Nigam The Nagar Nigam of the Varanasi city was established at 24th January in the year 1959 by the Government of Uttar Pradesh. It was established as a Nagar Mahapalika by the Municipal Corporation Act of the 1959. But, by the U.P. Government act-2, it was again transformed as a Nagar Nigam in …

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Varanasi station code

There are five railway stations in Varanasi district, Varanasi Junction also called Varanasi Cantt is main railway station and other four are located in other area of banaras. Please find below the station code of all 5 stations: Station Name Station Code Zone VARANASI JN BSB North Eastern Railway Varanasi City BCY North Eastern Railway …

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Varanasi STD code

Place STD Code VARANASI 0542 or +91 542   If you are in India just add 0542 before the local phone number of Varanasi to make calls. If you are in any other country then please add +91 542 to make calls.

Varanasi Pin Code

Places PIN Code /ZIP Code A G Palace 221001 Akorha 221209 Alinagar 232112 Anai 221201 Ardali Bazar 221002 Asar 221210 Assi 221005 Aurai 221301 Aurangabad 221001 B E L P & Co 221001 Babatpur Aeordrome 221006 Babatpur R S 221202 Baburi 232102 Bachraon 244225 Bajardhiha 221109 Balua 232114 Baragaon (varanasi) 221204 Barha Bazar 221407 Barhawi …

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