Varanasi Weather


Varanasi is the city of real pleasure and enjoyment naturally which is located at the bank of the River Gange. So, it has almost enjoyable climate whole year but there are some fluctuations according to the types of natural seasons.

Varanasi city has a humid subtropical climate with some disparity in the temperatures of the seasons. The most pleasurable climate of the Varanasi city become during months from October to March when the city in almost known as the most crowed city of the country.

Winter season comes in the city during the months of October to March which slowly started freezing cold with the 5°C temperature because of the cold winds from the Himalayas. The maximum temperature the winter season fluctuates between 15°C to 20°C. The duration between less summer and less winter is the best time to have travel to the Varanasi.

Summer season of the city starts from the month of April which ends to the month of October included with the monsoon rainfalls. The summer season temperatures fluctuate between 32°C and 46°C which is considered as the really hot during which people generally avoid the travel.

The season of the rainfall known as the monsoon season which starts from the month of July and ends to the month of September. Varanasi is the city which receives the average rainfall every year. This season brings the natural beauty in the city with the greenery effect all around.

Weather in Varanasi

Seasons (Temperature in Degree Centigrade )
Season Period
Max. Temperature
Min. Temperature
April-Mid June
Mid June-Sep

* Source: Airports Authority of India

Weather (Temperature in Degree Centigrade )
Months Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Maximum 23.1 27.2 33.2 38.8 41.5 38.9 33.0 32.3 32.4 32.2 28.6 24.7
Minimum 9.2 11.5 16.9 22.2 26.9 26.2 26.4 21.1 25.4 21.1 12.9 9.5

* Source: Airports Authority of India

Month wise weather information

January, the month of very cold which is liked by almost everyone to see the temples and sightseeing of the city. People are really fond of traveling in this month to the Varanasi as they can enjoy much without any problem.

February is considered as the month with reasonable cold as the lowest temperature of the winter starts rising from this month. People generally wear very light woolen clothes in this month. This month also has best time to visit the sightseeing as they can enjoy the sunshine and travel very comfortably.

March is a pleasurable month to visit the city which is known the most beautiful month of ending winter and starting of the summer. This is the best time to enjoy the ghats beauty, temples, sightseeing, Ramnagar fort and many more places. Navratri, the great festival of the country will also fall during this month.

April, the month of moderate temperature which continues to increases the whole summer. People like to travel in this month as well by taking a lot of precautions from the sun heat.

May is known as the very hot month which is commonly avoided by the people to travel as it is very challengeable condition to cope with the sun heat.

Jun, the very hot month of the summer season when weather of the city continues to stay hot with the little rainfalls.

July is also the month of moderate hot which is followed by the reasonable rainfall. Temperature generally falls in this moth to the comfortable range because of the rainfall.

August is known as the month of rain when temperature really falls down to a great range. Because of the rainy season it becomes a little bit difficult to travel in this month but people are likely like to travel as they can enjoy the real beauty.

September again become the month of moderate heat which makes the weather sweaty because of the mix up of the rainfall and sun heat.

October is the month of pleasure which is the beginning of the travel by the people from the country as well as abroad. The temperature of the month is bearable and starts lowering. This month, some great festivals of the country falls around which can be enjoyed very comfortably.

November become the month of reasonable cold when the temperature starts lowering down. People are liked to enjoy this month to a great range. The average temperature of this month become close to the 30°C which is the indication of pleasant climate during the day as well as night.

December is known as the very cold month of the year when temperature falls to a great range. The day time of the month are likely comfortable for travel than night. People started wearing woolen clothes and taking precautions in this month.