Scindia Ghat


Scindia Ghat is also famous as the Shinde Ghat in the Kashi. There is a temple of the Lord Shiva at this ghat which has been somewhat underwater in the Gange River because of the heavy weight and old construction of the ghat which is around 150 years ago.

This ghat is famous for having a variety of most significant place of worships which are placed in the above field. According to the Hinduism, it is considered that the Hindu God Agni (the God of Fire) was born at this place.

The Scindia ghat is named after the great person Scindias (who built the ghat). It is also considered that it was built by the Baija Bai. Scindia ghat is well known for the early morning meditation at the bank of the Gange River (north to the Manikarnika ghat) because of its peaceful and cleanliness environment. It is measured as the construction of the ghat is about 150 years old.

Scindia Ghat is Famous For

This ghat is famous for having an old Shiva temple which is partially submerged into the Gange water at the shore. It is also famous for the cremations of dead bodies here. Devotees come here early in the morning for doing meditation and have unforgettable experience. People come to this ghat from all the corner of the country for taking holy bath in the Gange River in order to get rid of their all past sins.

Significance of Scindia Ghat

According to the history in Hinduism, Scindia Ghat is dedicated to the Lord Shiva (The God of death). It is considered that after death the soul of the human body get intermingled into the Lord Shiva.

Map of Scindia Ghat