Markandey Mahadev Temple

Markandey Mahadev temple is located at kaithi, Varanasi. Once, there were a couple named, Mrikandu and his wife Marudvati. They were devotees of Lord Shiva and have no child. They decided to do a ‘Tap’ and one day Lord Shiva became happy on that couple and came out before them. Lord Shiva asked them, do you want to have common son having a long life or an extraordinary son having a short life. The couple had requestd to Lord Shiva for the latter one.

After sometime Marudvati had delivered a baby boy and named him “Markandey” (means son of the Mrikandu). He was extraordinary and God gifted child and became very intelligent being early in his childhood. He was always dedicated to the Lord Shiva and master of the Mahamritunjaya Mantra. When he had completed his 16, Yama (Lord of death) came on the earth to take him. At that time Markandey was worshiping Shiva Linga in the temple. When Yam asked him to go with him, he became very afraid and begged to Lord Shiva to defend him. Yama threw his rope on the boy and just after sometime Lord Shiva appeared by bursting the Shiva Linga. Lord Shiva was very angry with Yama’s rude behavior. Lord Shiva saved the life of Markandey and blessed him with everlasting life as well as stated that he will always be of sixteen year old. On that day, Lord Shiva had declared that His devotees will forever be secure from the rope of Yama. Flaming appearance of the Lord Shiva (which was appeared to save Markandey) is called the Kalasamhara Murti.

Opening time of the temple is: 3:00 am to 11:00 pm.

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