kabir math

Kabir Math

जब में था तब हरी नहीं, अब हरी है में नाहि |
सब अँधियारा मिट गया, जब दीपक देखया माहि ||
Jab Mein Tha Tab Hari Nahin‚ Ab Hari Hai Mein Nahin,
Sab Andhiyara Mit Gaya‚ Jab Deepak Dekhya Mahin

Kabir Math Varanasi

Kabir Math is located at Lahartara, Varanasi on the Saint Kabir road. Kabir Jayanti is specially celebrated at the Kabir math every year. Many people come to the Kabir math to take part in the Kabir Jayanti celebration.

How to Reach to the Kabir Math

You can reach to the Kabir math through the rickshaw, auto or taxi from any corner of the Varanasi city. It is located about 3 km from the Cantt railway station Varanasi.

Kabir Math Kabirchaura Varanasi

Kabir math is located in the Kabirchaura Varanasi at C 23/5 Kabirchaura, Varanasi, 221001. Kabir was a great saint of the 15th century. Kabir Chaura math has the unique collections of the eternal reminiscences of the spiritualist saint Kabir. Samadhi Mandir, Kabir hut and chabutara, Beejak temple, Neeru teela, library and some other statues all around the garden.

Kabir Math of the Kabir Chaura, Varanasi is the real place of the saint Kabir. It is the headquarter of the Kabirpanth and has become the focal point for all the saints and followers of the Kabir from all across the India as well as the world. It is also the most exciting centre for the important conversations over the Bhakti movements. Saint Kabir was born here and grew up to elder. Kabir math is the big building extended over the huge area which developed as the Kabir’s Prakatya Dham. Kabir was founded by the Neeru and Neema at the pond in Lahartara. He was brought to home by that couple. The Lahartara pond is considered as the sacred place which is located in the Kabir math area.

This place (means the Kabir math) is the assembly of buildings such as the Lahartara tal, Kabir’s hut and chabutara, Samadhi mandir, Beejak temple, Khadau (slipper) of Kabir, and many more. The philosophy of Kabir is propagated at the Kabir math through a variety of books as well as publications, bhajans and Beejaks of Kabir. Saint Kabir was very intelligent who has always educated the Humanity as a religion of human beings. He was very religious man and told the people that never fight in the name of God, God is the one for all. You can call Him with different names such as Ram or Rahim. He always said that having fight for temple, Mosque, Girja, Gurudwara will never make happy to God.

He taught the human beings that you should build up and grow the love, humanity, humility and credulity in your life.

Kabir Math Lehartara Varanasi

Lehartara is the place of appearance and beginning of life of the Saint Kabir. It is situated around 6 km from the Kabirchaura math Varanasi and about 3 km from the Varanasi Railway Station. The Lahartara pond is inevitably connected with the saint Kabir and situated about small distance away from the math.

Neeru was a weaver and follower of the Islam. Neeru and neema were live in the Neeru Teela. It is considered that, on the eve of Poornima (Monday) of the Jyeshtha month in 1456, Neeru and Neema were returning from Maandur village (currently known as the Manduwadeeh, sasural of the Neeru) to Narharpura village (currently known as the Kabirchaura) after attending the marriage ceremony. At sunset, they thought to have some relief as they became tired from the heat. They were very happy by getting the cool shadows of the trees around the Lahartara pond.

In the search of drinking water they started to go towards the pond and fill their palm with the water to have sip, then abruptly they listened the crying of newborn baby. They were surprised by seeing the baby, and Neema at once took the baby in her lap. As Neeru was coming his home with his wife first time after the marriage, he thought that what people would say about this baby. After all they decided to keep that baby with them. Gradually, Kabir started to grow up and he also has chosen the weaver as his profession.

Saint Kabir became the great follower of the Guru Ramanand and after some time he got fame. He made a hut (little bit away from the Neeru teela) to attend his lecture. The place of lecture in known as the Kabir Chabutara. Presently, the Kabir Chabutara is famed as the Kabirchaura. Kabir Chabutara was the work place as well as the center of meditation for Kabir.

The exact place where the couple (Neeru and Nima) was founded the baby on the flower of lotus has currently turned into the temple. Kabir was the deep believer of the God that’s why he was found generally by saying ‘Jako rakhe Saiyan mar sake na koi’. A big Kabir Sabha Bhavan was built by the UP government for the saints to stay.

Places to Visit at the Kabir Math:

  • Neeru Teela
  • Neeru-Neema Samadhi
  • Bijak Mandir (Kabir Chabutara)
  • Samadhi Mandir
  • Karagha
  • Remains of Tane bane
  • Resting place of Kabir
  • Sidha Jal Ka Kuan
  • Kadau
  • Clay vessels
  • Garland
  • Trident
  • Acharya Peeth Mulgadi
  • Acharya samadhi
  • Well, constructed by the Kashi naresh
  • Museum
  • Kashi Naresh statue
  • Other statues


Saint Kabir’s Hut

Kabir’s hut is the place where he was used to give his sermons. Soon after becoming the disciple of the Swami Ramanand, a vast assembly has started to come in order to hear his sermon. That’s why he needed another place (means Kabir’s hut) to give sermons.

Saint Kabir’s Chabutara

In order to manage the huge crowd for listening the sermons, Kabir’s chabutara was built. After that a big mandap was built for the satsang purpose. That mandap is then called as the Upadesh Sthal which is now developed as the Beejak Mandir or Beejak Temple.

The Samadhi Mandir

The Samadhi mandir was built by the Kashi King Veerdev Singh in the year 1578. This mandir was built at the place where Kabir was used to meditate as well as worship of the God.

Saint Kabir’s Khadau

The khadau of the Kabir is kept in the Smriti Kaksh. Mahatma Gandhi, during his struggle for the India freedom, had visited the math of Kabirchaura in the year 1934. He revealed the deep sorrow for the disgraceful situation of khadau of the Sant Kabir. After that, math members provide safety and kept the khadau of Kabir in a glass case.

Kashtha Patra

At the side of Kabir’s khadau, a wooden container is kept there, known as the Kashtha Patra. This container was used by the saint Kabir in order to store the drinking water. It is considered that the container is 600 years old.

Gorakhpanthi Trishul

The Gorakhpanthi Trishul is also kept in the Smriti Kaksh. It is considered that, it was an award for him as he won from a saint who was the embracer of the Gorakh panth. The trident is named after Gorakh panth.

A wooden necklace is also preserved at the math known as the Swami Ramanand’s Mala which was given to Kabir by his Guru Ramanand.

Acharya Peeth Moolgaadi is also conserved in the math. It is considered that it was used by the Kabir to give his sermon. There is a meditation room, situated at the left hand side of the entering gate, for the head preacher.

Smriti Kaksh has the remains of the handloom of Kabir as well.

Neeru Teela

Neeru Teela is the place where Kabir and his parents used to live there. This is a very famous and sacred place where saint Kabir was brought by the Neeru and Neema. Kabir was nourished by them at this place, he grew up and became the most famous disciple of the Ramanand.

The Shrines of the Acharya Mahants is also of great importance at the math.

Saint Kabir’s Pustakalaya

Saint Kabir’s Pustakalaya or library is the vital part of the Math, also known as the Sadguru Kabir Pustakalaya, having around 700 collection of the handwritten manuscripts and a heap of Kabir’s as well as other saint’s compilations. The library has gatherings of all the books published on Kabir, antique manuscripts of Beejak as well as ancient religious scriptures.

Prakashan Kendra at the Math

Kabir Math controls its own publishing house (known as the Kabirvani Prakashan Kendra) in order to publish various stories on Kabir and his creations. Some of his original collections are Kabir Beejak, Satya Kabir ki Saakhi, Kabir Granthaavali, Guru Granth Sahib, and Shabdavali etc. The Mahabeejak Granth is combined form of all the documents and teachings of Kabir.

Kabir math Lahartara Kabir Math Laharatara VaranasiThis is the front-side view photo of the Kabir math located at the Lahartara Varanasi. The math has the greenery environment including the calm and cleanliness.

Kabir Math Laharatara Varanasi -2This is the side view snap of the Kabir Math of the Lahartara. A big greenery ground in the side of the math increase the attraction of the math. The building of the math is three storey building. The front building is of the brown color and back building is of the white color. A big dome of the white color is there on the back building which increases the attraction of the math.

Kabir dasThis is the great place in the Kabir math of the Lahartara where Saint Kabir was used to of the meditation and giving preaches to his followers.

Kabir das talabThis is the lateral view of the Kabir math of the Laharatara showing a big pond at the math where Saint Kabir was founded by the Neeru and Neema. He was weeping on the lotus flower in this pond which was heard and taken by the Neeru and Neema.

Kabir Math Laharatara Varanasi -3This is a big hall in the Kabir math of the Lahartara. There is an immense peace and cleanliness in the hall where meditation can be done very easily.

Kabir math Kabirchaura

Sant kabir math VaranasiWhat a nice and beautiful pic of the saint Kabir math Varanasi. This is the huge gate of the Sadguru Kabir Mandir Kabirchaura Math Adi Mul Gadi.

Sant kabir mathThis is the two storey building of the Kabir math Varanasi surrounded by the green plants. The environment of the math is very green and clean. There is a special calm which denotes the real math.

Neeru Nima ki Samadhi

Kabir math VaranasiThis is the photo of the place Saint Kabir was grew and developed by the Neeru and Neema. This is also the place of the samadhi of his parent Neeru and Neema.

Neeri Teela

Kabir ka ghar - Neeri tilaThis is the photograph of the Saint Kabir Home known as the Neeru Teela. This is the place where Saint Kabir was grown up from his childhood to the adulthood.

Kabir das mathThis is the photo of the Samadhi Mandir in the Kabir math which was built by the Kashi Naresh Veerdev Singh in 1578. This is the place where Kabir was used to of the meditation.

Kabir dasWhat an excellent snap of the Saints at the Kabir Math who are singing the Kabir Ke Dohe using their music instruments. The place of peace and reality of life, teaches all human beings about the real humanity.

Kabir math - 1This is the photo of the Kashi naresh and his wife of that time when they came to the Saint Kabir to beg pardon about his great misbehavior. They have taken a bundle of wooden sticks for the purpose of suicide in the fire if they will not get pardon from the Saint Kabir.

Kabir math - 2A great freedom fighter named Gandhi Ji had also came to the Kabir math where a huge crowd was already there. He sat on the asan and welcomed by the Mahant of the math named Ramvilasdas Ji.

Kabir math - 3This is the photo of the Pandit Sarvanand from the south India, drinking water of the well at the Kabir math. He came to the Kabir math to argue with the Saint Kabir as he understood that he was much talented than the Kabir. He felt thrust by coming from long distance.

Kabir math - 4 This is the photo of the saint Kabir at his home going for some work. There is a Kamandal in his hand. What a clean and peaceful environment of the resting place of the saint Kabir Das.

Kabir math - 5This is the photo of the saint indicating towards the Bijak Mandir. Saint Kabir who had given his great writing named Bijak to the Mul Gadi for the humanity. Ramvilas Sahab had innovated the Kabir math to the great extent.

Kabir math - 6Kashi Naresh with his wife came to the Kabir to get pardon for his great misbehavior.

Kabir math - 7Pandit Sarvanand, drinking water in the Kabir math who had came here to argue to the saint Kabir.

Kabir math - 8A Saint going towards the historical well in the Kabir math for the cleanliness of the body and soul. It is considered that many great Sadhu and Saints from the corner of the world had drunk the water of this famous historical well.

Kabir math - 9This is the photo of the saint Sen Nai who had got the great conservative element of the life very easily by educating in the Adhyatma tradition of the Kabir math.

Kabir math - 10This is photo of the clay pot maker making clay pot very nicely in the Kabir math. Pot made by him was used by the Kabir and various other saint s of the Kabir math at that time.

Kabir math - 11This is the photo of the Dariya Sahab who was also educated in the tradition of the Kabirchaura math Mul Gadi. He was one of the great saints of the Kabir math who followed the hard work tradition of the Kabir throughout his life.

Kabir math - 12One of the saints from the Kabir math who is also busy working hard. He also followed the Kabir tradition of being hard worker as according to the Kabir, a great level of the hard work is also a type of Sadhana.

Kabir math - 13The Kashi Naresh King and Queen came to the Kabir math to got pardon from the great saint Kabir.

News and Updates

Kabir Das Jayanti 2014 was celebrated in Varanasi with great enthusiasm and joy by his followers and lovers on 13th of June, at Friday at both venues of the Kabir Math in Varanasi, means Kabir Math at Lahartara and Kabir Math at Kabirchaura.