Jantar Mantar of Varanasi

Jantar Mantar, the most popular and remarkable place in the Varanasi for having a trip. It illustrates the advancements of India in the science of astrology. Jantar Mantar observatory was built to know the exact time as well as planet and stars movements. It has ability to forecast the eclipses and sun declination. The architectural style structure of the Jantar Mantar is the great place for all the architects, astronomers and engineers. Because of its variety of collection of instruments, Jantar Mantar is also known as the Yanthra Mandir.

Location of Jantar Mantar in Varanasi

Jantar Mantar is located on the roof of the Man Mahal Palace near to the Dashashwamedh Ghat, Varanasi much above the water level of the Gange. It is located about 6 km from the railway station Varanasi and about 7 km from the BHU Varanasi. Varanasi Jantar Mantar is the imitation of Jantar Mantar at other places such as New Delhi, Jaipur etc.

History of Jantar Mantar of Varanasi

The construction of the Jantar Mantar in Varanasi was done in 1737 next to the Dashashwamedh Ghat on the western bank of the holy River Gange. It was built by the King Jai Singh from Jaipur. He had established Jantar Mantar in five cities (from 1727 to 1734) known as Varanasi, Delhi, Jaipur, Ujjain and Mathura. Many old and attractive instruments are there which can record the accurate motion, speed as well as the properties of the stars, planets, cosmic objects etc. By seeing the instruments, it is supposed that these instruments are very old and was constructed around in 1600. These wonderful instruments are our historic property which we have to take care and keep safely in order to stay for long time. It is considered that the eagerness of Jai Singh towards the astronomy made him able to construct such a huge and attractive historical observatory.

Name of Some Instruments at Jantar Mantar

The numbers of instruments that are still present at the Jantar Mantar are Narivalaya dakshin and uttar gola, Dhruva Yantra, Ram Yantra, Krantivritta Yantra, Prakash Yantra, Disha Yantra, Chakra Yantra, Samrat Yantra, Laghu Samrat Yantra, Digansha Yantra and many more.

Usage of some instruments is:

  • Digansa Yantra is used to find the horizontal angle of the stars.
  • Samrat Yantra and Laghu Samrat Yantra are used to get time, declination and hour angle of the stars.
  • Chakra Yantra is used to get the real declination of stars such as Sun, Moon as well as their distance in time on the meridian.
  • Narivalaya dakshin and uttar gola are used to get the exact location of the stars means whether they are in the Northern or Southern hemisphere.
  • Dakshinobiti Yantra is used to know the altitude of the stars on the meridian.

How to Reach to the Jantar Mantar

You can reach to the Jantar Mantar by having a taxi, rickshaws, bus or auto-rickshaws from any place of your destination.