Birla Temple Varanasi (New Vishwanath Mandir)

New Vishwanath Temple or Birla Mandir of BHU Varanasi

New Vishwanath Temple or Birla Mandir of BHU Varanasi

Varanasi is an incredible place to visit for anyone looking for an enriching and spiritual experience. The beauty of Varanasi lies in its ancient art and culture. With its ancient temples, ghats, and the holy river Ganges, Varanasi holds immense significance for Hindus. Situated along the banks of the Ganges, it is one of the oldest cities in the world. Amidst the chaos and spirituality of this sacred city stands the Birla Temple, located within the prestigious Banaras Hindu University (BHU). The Kashi Vishwanath Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, stands as the centre piece of devotion. This magnificent temple not only showcases exceptional architectural beauty but also offers a serene and tranquil atmosphere for devotees and visitors alike.

Birla Temple: Where Art Meets Spirituality

The Birla Temple stands tall and grand with its white marble exterior, reflecting elegance and serenity. The temple offers a place for devotees to immerse themselves in spirituality and find solace amidst the chaos of everyday life. The peaceful atmosphere inside the temple complex is perfect for meditation. The temple is beautifully lit during religious festivals and special occasions. The temple complex is surrounded by beautiful gardens, which provide a calm and soothing environment for spiritual seekers to connect with their inner selves. The temple stands as a symbol of devotion and promotes religious harmony and unity among people of different faiths. A trip to the Birla Temple in BHU is a fascinating experience, whether you’re there for religious reasons or just to admire its beauty.

History of New Vishwanath Mandir BHU

Madan mohan malviya statue at Birla Temple

Shri Kashi Vishwanath Mandir was destroyed by many invaders, but the Hindu patrons of the area helped the people rebuild it many times. In the 1930s, after 700 years Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya planned to build a copy of Shri Kashi Vishwanath Mandir on the site of Banaras Hindu University. The Birla family built it, and the first stone was laid in March 1931. In 1966, the Shri Vishwanath Mandir building was finally done. From 1931 to 1966, it took thirty-five years to build Shri Vishwanath Mandir in BHU campus.

The Birla Temple is a grand structure that reflects the amalgamation of ancient Indian temple architecture with modern aesthetics. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Built by the Birla family, renowned for their philanthropy and contributions to various educational and religious institutions across India, the temple came to be known as Birla Temple.

The Architectural Marvel of Birla Temple

In the BHU campus, the Birla Temple stands as a symbol of spiritual harmony and architectural brilliance. Shri Vishwanath Mandir has the largest temple tower in the world. The Shikhara is about 250 feet high, making it the tallest temple tower in the world. The building is about 77 meters tall as a whole. The form of the temple was based on Shri Kashi Vishwanath Mandir. The entire structure is constructed using white marble, giving it a fresh and radiant look. The temple’s tall spires, known as Shikharas, touches the skyline, and the grand entrance invites visitors to experience the divinity within.

VT Varanasi

Even though it is mostly about Shiva, the Shri Vishwanath Mandir is made up of nine shrines and is open to people of all castes, religions, and religious views. The interior of the Birla Temple is equally captivating, with intricate designs adorning the walls and ceilings. On the inner marble walls of the temple are written and drawn passages from the Hindu holy book Bhagavad Gita and other sacred texts. The temple premises are carefully kept, and there is a calm and peaceful vibe across the entire complex.

Exploring the Divine Beauty of Birla Temple

The Birla Temple is a shining example of the blending of traditional and modern architectural elements. Visiting Birla Temple in BHU is an enriching experience. It is a place where one can witness not only the devotion of the worshippers but also the cultural heritage and rich traditions of the Hindu religion. The temple premises contain nine shrines dedicated to different Hindu gods and goddess. On the ground floor, there is a shrine to Shiva. People can also visit on the first floor through stairs. On the first floor, there are shrines to Lakshmi Narayan and Durga. There are also statues for Nataraj, Parvati, Ganesha, Panchmukhi Mahadev, Hanuman, Saraswati, and Nandi inside Shri Vishwanath Mandir.

In the temple area, there is also a place for “havan.” Since the temple is surrounded by lush green gardens and well-kept lawns, the top floor verandah has a beautiful view of these open spaces. In the courtyard, there are seats that make it easy for people to spend some time there. Outside the main gate of the New Vishwanath Temple, there are a number of shops and places to eat. There are a lot of small shops near the temple’s entrance. There are books about religion, flowers, tea, snacks, and coffee. Most people buy flowers for the god, but it’s not mandatory.

Significance of Birla Temple

Birla Temple, also known as the Vishwanath Temple holds great spiritual significance. It is a sacred place of worship that attracts devotees and spiritual seekers from all around the world. The temple is dedicated to Lord Vishwanath, who is considered the supreme deity in Hinduism and the ruler of the universe. Devotees visit this temple to seek blessings from Lord Vishwanath for health, prosperity, and spiritual enlightenment. The temple also hosts various religious and cultural events, festivals, and celebrations throughout the year, attracting a large number of devotees and tourists. Visiting the Birla Temple is an experience that leaves a lasting impact on the soul

Birla temple bhu

Timing of the Temple

Birla Temple opens all days seven days from 4 am to 12 pm and 1 pm to 9 pm. The temple doesn’t charge anything to get in. In normal days, people can easily get inside following a small queue. However, on special occasions and on Monday, visitors can find heavy crowd in the temple.

Best Time to Visit Birla Temple (New Vishwanath Mandir) Varanasi

The Vishwanath Temple often abbreviated as VT or Birla Temple is at its most beautiful all year long. The temple is open all days with a particular time. One can visit the temple at any time of the year but the weather will be milder in the winter, making it easy to see the sights. Shivratri, Krishna Janmanshtami, Deepawali, Navratri, Annakut, and the day the temple was built are among the most important events held there. People can visit during these festivals to make most of their trip.

How to Reach New Vishwanath Mandir BHU

Shri Vishwanath Mandir is located 1.7 kilometers inside the campus of BHU. It is situated at the centre of the Varanasi city, making it easier to be accessed from any means of transportation.

By Air: Lal Bahadur Shastri International Airport is the nearest terminal if you’re taking a flight. It is about 31 km from the Birla temple. From airport one can take taxi or book any road transport to reach BHU gate.

By Road: The convenient mode to reach Birla temple is through road transport. From the Chaudhary Charan Singh Bus Stop, the Birla temple is about 10 km. However, auto rickshaws are readily available everywhere, so getting there is a pleasure.

By Rail: If you are travelling through train the nearest railway station is Banaras Station. The place is about 10km from Varanasi Junction. However, it is about 8 km from Banaras station. Different road vehicles are available at both the stations that can drop you to the BHU campus.