Sankatha Temple Varanasi

Sankatha Temple is located near to the Sindhia Ghat, Varanasi and dedicated to the “Goddess of Remedy,” known as the Devi Sankatha. There is a huge statue of the lion inside the premises. The statues of nine planets are also there in the temple. Sankatha Mata is a four armed idol of the most important deity of the temple. The idol of the Mata is silver plated. The idol of the Sankata Devi is about 4 to 5 feet tall which is considered as the self-manifested. On both side of the Mata, there are idol of the Lord Hanuman and Lord Bhairav. There is a big Shivlingam and a Banyan tree which protects the idols of Lord Ganesh and Lord Hanuman. There are temples of nine planets are also in the temple. It is commonly believed that Pandavas had paid homage to the Sankatha Devi during their exile.

Sankatha Temple is the most powerful and popular temple in the Varanasi city and located high above the Sankata Ghat in the complex lanes of the Varanasi city. Sankata Devi protects Her devotees from all the dangers of life by vanishing the dangers. Her devotees know Her as a Matrika or caring mothers. According to the Puranic stories she is known as the Vikat Matrika means the Fierce Mother.

Location of the Sankatha Temple

Sankatha Temple is located about 6 km from the railway station Varanasi and about 3 km from the BHU Varanasi.

Opening time of the Sankatha Temple

Sankatha Temple opens at 4 am in the morning and closed at 11 pm in the night.

Aarti Time

Aarti time is 4:30 am in the morning, Bhog time is 2:30 pm, Shringar time is 11 pm and Shayan time is 11 pm. The Sankatha Temple opens all days a week but Friday is a special day of the temple when special pooja is performed by the women.

How to Reach to the Sankatha Temple

You can reach to the Sankatha Temple through the auto or rickshaw from any corner of the city.

History of the Sankatha Temple

Sankatha Temple was built in the memory of sankata devi which is celebrated in the Navratra at the 8th day. 8th day of the Navratra is dedicated to the mata sankatha devi and She is the younger sister of the Mata Vaisno Devi. It is believed that Mata Sankatha blesses Her devotees with the prosperity and brings energy in their body for the humankind.


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