Where is Varanasi

Varanasi is a spiritual city of North India located on the banks of the Gange River (at 80.71 m elevation from river) in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The city has covered around 112.26 km² of the area. Varanasi city is located at the Latitude 25.317644 and Longitude 82.973915.

The urban agglomeration area of the city is stretched between 82º 56’E to 83º 03’E and 25º 14’N to 25º 23.5’N. The climate of the Varanasi city is a moist subtropical climate with the high range of variations between the seasons of summer and winter. Summers are long, from early April till October, with the monsoon season in between. The normal temperature of the city is between 32°C to 46°C (90°F to 115°F) in the summer season and 5°C to 15°C (41°F to 59°F) in the winter season. The normal rate of the annual rainfall is around 1110 mm.

It is the oldest city of India known as the cultural, religious, spiritual, intellectual and holy city by the Hindus, Jains and Buddhists pilgrims. It is also called as the “city of temples”, “spiritual city of India”, “Holy city of India”, “oldest inhabited city of India”, “city of God”, “city of ghats”, etc.

It is located around:

  • 320 km from the Lucknow.
  • 833 km from the New Delhi through NH 91 and 794 km through AH 1/NH 2.
  • 343 km from the Kanpur through SH 38 and 347 km through AH 1/NH 2.
  • 125 km from Allahabad through SH 87 and NH 2 and 122 km through NH 2.
  • 70.1 km from Jaunpur through SH 87 and NH 56, 71.5 km through SH 73 and SH 36 and 62.9 km through NH 56.
  • 55.5 km from Bhadohi through Vishwa Sundari Bypass Rd and 43.9 km through SH 87.
  • 573 km from Mirjapur thorugh SH 25, 562 km through SH 38 and 584 km through AH 1/NH 2.

You can go to the Varanasi through airlines, railway lines and by road from any places of the India. Varanasi airlines facility caters regular flights to the several major cities of India.

Lat Long: 25.2807° N, 82.9557° E

Location Map of Varanasi