Varanasi Development Authority

Address: Raja Udai Pratap Marg, Panna Lal Park, Varanasi, UP

Phone Number: 0542-2280326, 2282455

Fax: 2283307



The development authority of the Varanasi city was established by the state Government of the Uttar Pradesh in order to develop the infrastructure and construction in the City. The role of the development authority in the city is developing the city tourism to a great level and make it the city of huge crowed by the pilgrims every year. The Varanasi city is famous all over the world because of its heritage status, attractive temples, variety of ghats with the remarkable history at the bank of the River Ganges, sightseeing, maths and a lot of religious places.

Development authority of the Kashi has really followed its all the responsibilities very sincerely and develop the city by implementing the ideas of constructions of the well developed residential as well as commercial places. It has played a great role in preserving the traditional glory of the city by following the guidelines of the UNESCO. It is involved in making the flats, plot auction, duplexes, multiplexes and fulfill the all other needs of the people in Varanasi in order to available them with comfort and convenience in their budget.

Development authority of the Varanasi has a variety of departments including:

  • Building Division
  • Finance Division
  • Speed Point division
  • Planning Division
  • Property Division
  • Horticulture Division
  • Land Acquisition and ceiling Division
  • Establishment Division
  • Legal Division
  • Public Relations Division
  • Store Division
  • Computer Division
  • Construction Division

All the departments of the development authority has separate and different functioning criteria in order to easily and accurately fulfill all the needs of the city. It has issued the master plan for 1991 to 2011 to develop the city with high technologies and latest trends by taking care of the ever rising population. The master plan which was prepared by taking the public idea as well, was approved by the vice chairman of the development authority.

It has paid a great attention on the financial development of the city by developing the tourism sector as well as preserving the importance of the historical architecture and cultural heritage of the city. It has incorporated the urban plannings and development according to the law of 1973 of the Uttar Pradesh state government. Innovative expertise of the development authority are highly skilled in the various fields of architecture, planning, engineering and surveying, who are fully able to fulfill the high technology needs of the city.

It has master planned to develop the eight sites of the district which are Varanasi development authority office, Sarnath, municipal corporation premises of the Varanasi, ADM city office, Ramnagar Palika Parishad, Ravidas Park, Mughalsarai Palika Parishad of Chandauli and river police station Dashaswamedh ghat. All the sites coming under the development were presented the copy of the master plan to accurately implement the plannings.