Nagar Nigam Varanasi

Varanasi Nagar Nigam

The Nagar Nigam of the Varanasi city was established at 24th January in the year 1959 by the Government of Uttar Pradesh. It was established as a Nagar Mahapalika by the Municipal Corporation Act of the 1959. But, by the U.P. Government act-2, it was again transformed as a Nagar Nigam in the year 1994. Nagar Nigam provides civic services to the both rural as well as urban villages such as the relocation of colonies, roads construction, water supply, mass transportation, sanitation, solid waste management and many more.

Varanasi Nagar Nigam has the responsibility of the 90 wards and currently the total area under it is around 79.79 Sq. Kms. First time the Municipal Board was comprised in the year 1959 together with the Shri. Kunj Bihari Gupta as a Mayor and the Shri. P.K. Kaul as a Municipal Commissioner. It got the grade of B1 city rank. The total population under it, according to the census 2001, is 1091918. Population of the India was 1027 million, according to the census of 2001, of which 285 million populations was living in the urban areas.


Nagar Nigam Varanasi, Sigra, Shivpurwa, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, 221010

Phone no.: 0542-2222600, 0542-2221702, 0542-2220505, 0542-2223902

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Nagar Nigam Building

This is the current building of the Nagar Nigam Varanasi. People are coming to the Nagar Nigam for their different purposes. It is constructed in the big area and has a big entry and exit gate. The parking of the employees vehicles of the Nagar Nigam is inside the premises of the Nagar Nigam.

Location Map of Nagar Nigam

Satellite Map of Nagar Nigam