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Sunbeam School Varanasi

The founders of the Sunbeam School are Dr. Amrit lal Ishrat Madhok and Mrs. Deesh Ishrat Madhok. Sunbeam was established in the year 1972 in order to fulfill the holistic educational needs of the modern students society in the Varanasi. It was first started from a small rented apartment. Within a less time Sunbeam grew rapidly, unique quality education and community recognitions. Soon it was established at the new locations in Benares such as Bhagwanpur, Annapurna, Sunbeam Women’s College at Lahartara, Varuna, Indiranagar and Suncity. At the current, more than 16000 students are enrolled at the Sunbeam Schools.

Branches of the Sunbeam school in Varanasi

  • Sunbeam school Bhagwanpur
  • Sunbeam school Annapurna
  • Sunbeam school Lahartara
  • Sunbeam school Varuna
  • Sunbeam school Indiranagar
  • Sunbeam school Suncity

Hostels of the Sunbeam school in Varanasi

  • Sunbeam hostel Bhagwanpur
  • Sunbeam hostel Lahartara
  • Sunbeam hostel Varuna
  • Sunbeam hostel Suncity

Associates of the Sunbeam school in Varanasi

  • Sunbeam school Allahabad
  • Sunbeam school Bhadohi
  • Sunbeam school Deoria
  • Sunbeam school Ghazipur
  • Sunbeam school Jaunpur
  • Sunbeam school Mau
  • Sunbeam school Mughalsarai
  • Sunbeam school Narayanpur
  • Sunbeam school Faizabad


Sunbeam School LahartaraSunbeam School Lahartara

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