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About DPS Varanasi

The DPS (Delhi Public School) is renowned all over the educational world for its day to day developing approach as well as dedication to the education quality. It has philosophic features such as distinction and diversity; it has great aim of educational leadership and academic achievements.

DPS is addressed near to the Radha Swamy Satsang Bhavan at NH2 road. The way to school goes from the Amra Chauraha. Around 18 buses come to the school from different routes. A great slogan of the school is: teachers are parent in the school and parents are teacher at home but the student or child is the center of whole universe.

Sharpen up a child is the most principal task for all which needs the background to be always nurtured his young mind, body as well as spirit in order to alter them into the strong entity. School offer students the repositories of knowledge and skills to make them capable of holding themselves in the world or outside the world.

DPS in Varanasi is stand on the faith that both teachers and parents take part in the most important roles in nurturing a child. School is the medium which encourages a close relationship among the trinity (child, teacher and parent) of the learning processes. Learning has no boundaries; it begins in a small classroom and goes much afar its boundaries into the factual world.

School has a variety of resources which makes the learning process easy. Parents are also requested to come to school to participate in their child’s learning activities. Teachers at DPS Varanasi are continuously provoked in order to explore recent schemes and techniques in the classrooms, and make the full use of resources and technologies.

Fee structure:

The admission and examination fees are changed yearly which only determined by the Board of Management of the school. The fee modification of the school is associated with the general cost of living Index and up to date inflation rates.

Management board of the school

  • Chairman of the school is Rear Admiral M.M. Chopra.
  • Vice Chairman of the school is Sri S.L. Dhawan.
  • Pro VC of the school is Sri Pradeep Rajgarhia.
  • Members of the school are Mohd. Shamim Akhtar, Sri R. N. Mittal, Mrs. Rita Sen.

Facilities at DPS

IT preparedness – always in touch with tomorrow

Faculties at DPS are always in touch with the up comings in order to prepare their students for any tough situation in the future. At DPS, Varanasi, many IT conveniences play a great role in the teaching-learning experience. The Internet with computers is available for online education which provides a wonderful opportunity to students to make their learning process exciting, experimental and just in time. Computer facility gives student an additional boundary by making their learning multi sensory.

DPS Varanasi is a member of VSAT so student has opportunity to have online classes from best teachers of the All India DPS fraternity.

Sports centre

Sports play an important role in development and learning of student. Team games teaches students that how to work intimately with the group in order to attain the common goal. Some of the sports facilities are cricket, football, tennis, table tennis, chess, basketball, carom, badminton and many more. DPS has a tie up with the Tennis Express also, so student at DPS has chance to play and learn tennis under the leadership of All India Tennis Association (AITA). DPS has a pool for kids and a half of the Olympic size swimming pool for its other students.

Performing and visual arts

Such extracurricular activities are main part of the schedule at DPS which improves the confidence among students.

DPS has tie-ups with the NGO which make sure the exposure to best practitioners in fields of vocal, instrumental music, dance as well as theatre. This facility helps students to develop their abilities in the music instruments such as sitar, guitar, tabla, piano, flute, shehnai etc. A faculty of music teachers is there in order to provide students a special tuition for Kathak, Bharat natyam, Western dance and aerobics. DPS has a big auditorium and an audio-visual room for performing the musical, theatrical and public interaction show at the special assemblies such as the Independence Day, Mother’s Day etc.

Resource centre and labs

Resource centre and demo labs at DPS are the important source for students to improve their skill, fulfill curiosities, get answers to all questions and obtain a well disciplined manner for lifelong.

Parent school relationship

Students need the active participation of their parents as well as agreement about their ways of doing things in order to effectively accomplish teacher’s role in the children’s lives.

Other infrastructure

DPS in Benares has health centre for students which is managed by the trained staff.

Conveyance facilities

DPS has its own transport system for safety standards and safe travel. School buses are handled by the trained drivers and conductors.

Location Map of Delhi Public School, Varanasi

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