BLW Varanasi

BLW is one of the best places in Varanasi to see. It is a famous place all over India for the production of Diesel and Electric Engines. It has become one of the biggest centers in India for making the parts of the rail engine that is distributed to all over India. It was further known as DLW (Diesel Locomotive Works) but in the year 2020, the name was changed to BLW (Banaras Locomotive Works).


It is located near the Manduadih Railway station around 3.3 km through the Manduadih road and around 7.2 km from the railway station Cantt Varanasi. It is situated around 5.6 km from the Banaras Hindu University through the BHU road.

Address of BLW Varanasi

Banaras Locomotive Works (BLW) Head Office, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India.

BLW Pin Code: 221004

Phone Number: 0542-2270100


New Name of DLW

On the 28th of October 2020, the name of Diesel locomotive works (DLW) was changed to Banaras Locomotive Works (BLW).

Attractions of BLW

BLW Main Gate


It is the main entry gate of the BLW, looks very attractive and its measurements are around 30 feet in height and 20 feet in width. On the side of the gate, there are beautiful pictures of the engine pasted on the walls, making the gate look beautiful and historical. Heavy vehicles cannot enter the campus as they are not allowed. Only small vehicles can enter it as it is made for the BLW premises purpose only. Many people from the nearby areas such as Manduadih, Shivapurwa, and Panchpedwa are used to jogging in the morning daily to get healthy air as the BLW campus has a very calm, peaceful, and greenish environment.

BLW Office

Diesel Locomotive Works

It is the BLW office which is very neat, clean, and of standard quality. The front part of the office is decorated by the real rail engines which denote its property. There is a minibus that stands also in front of the office and behind the rail engine for the convenience of the office employees. A National flag of India on the floor of the office indicates respect towards India and pride to be involved in such work.

In the office, paperwork is done and customers from various nations visit to buy our engine. We successfully have happy clients from Bangladesh, Shri Lanka, etc. nations.

BLW hold the certifications like ISO 9001 in 22008, ISO 14001 in 2004, OHS 18001 in 2007, and ISO 50001 in 20011. It has also won many awards of excellence that has been exhibited in the office.

The office environment is also very beautiful with plants inside the office premised and you can also see small artificial waterfalls inside the office that enhances the beauty of the office and gives a world-class experience.

Loco Shed

Apart from the main office, there is also a Loco shed where the manufacturing work takes place. It is spread in a very large area with different sections. One section works on the wheel whereas the other works on the engine to be fitted inside and all together resembles in another place and after assembling all the parts there is a small gate near the west gate of BLW where you can see the trail of these engines.

It is really a matter of honor to have such a big production unit in our country. BLW also holds the honor of producing the largest amount of electric engines in the year 2020 when the entire nation was under lockdown.

There were 310 locomotives produced including 272 electric locos and 4conversion locos. In the month of July, there were 31 locomotives produced which is a record in itself. 

BLW Colony

Apart from the BLW office and loco Shed, there is a beautiful colony for the employees working there. It spread in near about 400 hectares, with all kind of facilities like School, collage, Playground, Movie Theater, Club, etc. There are more than 4000 people living in this colony.

The colony is very neat and clean and also very green at the same time. BLW holds the title of second greenest place in Varanasi with the highest number of trees. The colony is very pleasant and people from the nearby areas visit this place early in the morning to have some gossip with nature and enjoy their morning walk.

The beauty of the colony increases with the clean environment and beautiful decoration all around. Tou can find the first engine ‘Kundan’ showcased beautifully in the middle of the colony.

The colony has also won many awards for the underground drainage system and clean environment. And there are four gates in all four directions of the colony that makes the excess easy. Although there are four gates there is a CCTV camera available everywhere for safety purposes.

Surya Sarovar

There is a beautiful pond in the heart of the colony; it is a well-designed pond with beautiful stairs and water cleaning techniques. It looks extremely beautiful and people visit this place in the evening to enjoy their sunset. There is a very big artificial waterfall in the middle of the pond that is about 50 ft. in height. Apart from the pond, there is also space nearby to enjoy your evening walk.

People celebrate their festivals like Chhath puja, Jutiya in this pond and they don’t have to visit the river Ganga in so much rush. It really increases the beauty of the colony.


  • The colony is so big and well designed that there is a park in front of every colony, apart from these parks there are also some common parks naming Baal Udyaan. It is very big and beautifully decorated with different kinds of plants and playing instruments.
  • Ravindra Nath Tagore Park is another park fully covered with Eucalyptus trees. It is specially designed for the morning walk and people visit this place and enjoy nature. Really it is an amazing park to walk in.

Cinema Hall

There is a movie theater for people living in the colony where they can easily enjoy new releases at very low rates. The cost of a ticket is just rupees 25 for the balcony and 15 for the normal seat. It is really very cheap and you can enjoy any new movie easily there. But it is only available for the employees and their family members.

Swimming Pool

There is a big swimming pool in the colony where you can enjoy swimming and can also take swimming classes. Even outsiders can also learn swimming by paying some extra money. Students join swimming classes in the summer season and enjoy their vacation.


Apart from the playground in each colony, there are two more big grounds where many state swimming Pool

There is a big swimming pool in the colony where you can enjoy swimming and can also take swimming classes. Even outsiders can also learn swimming by paying some extra money. Students join swimming classes in the summer season and enjoy their vacation.


There is a separate Gym for girls and boys in the colony where anyone can get the membership and avail of the facilities available there. BLW focuses on the entire development of their workers and has provided all kinds of facilities that are really remarkable. 

Golf Club

There is a beautiful and very big Golf ground spread in the east part of the colony. It is attached to the outer boundary and is very neat and clean at the same time. The colony people enjoy playing golf on this ground and learn the tricks and techniques of this game.

Schools and Colleges

  • There are many schools like Kendriya Vidyalaya No. 1 and Kendriya Vidyalaya Kanchanpur CBSE board, Inter collage CBSE board, St. Jones ICSE board for children.
  • Apart from school for normal children, there is also a school naming ‘Chetana’ for physically and mentally disabled children.
  • There is a women’s college naming Rajkiya Mahila Inter College affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi Vidya Peeth in the colony.


  • People living in the colony never need to visit outside the colony to buy their groceries as well as vegetables. There are three markets in the colony starting from the bigger one named as ‘Jalali Patti or Gumti market’ where you can get all A to Z things of your need and also fresh vegetables.
  • Then there is another market naming Central Market where you can buy some day to day groceries and some small resultants, fast food corners and some showrooms.
  • The third and smallest market is west market where you can also get some day to day items and there are only 20 to 25 shops in this market.

Basket Ball Court

There are two world-class basketball courts in the colony, where colony people, as well as players from outside, also practice. Many matches are also organized on this court and you can also learn and take basketball class here easily.

Marriage Halls

There are 4 marriage halls in the colony in different corners where colony members can easily organize any function easily. Nowadays when private lawn charges too much it is a boon for the colony people to have such an affordable lawn.


There are two clubs in the colony, one for gazette officers whereas the other for normal people, where people can organize small get to gather or any function easily. Every Saturday some cultural events are organized in these clubs for the entertainment of people.

Water Recycle Centre

BLW has much-systemized water drainage and refinery system in which the colony itself recycles the water and supplies. It is really a very big achievement for the colony to have such a big refinery system that prevents any kind of water shortage and also uses the wastewater for watering trees and keeping the colony green.

Railway Station

How can we forget about a railway station when we are talking about the Indian Railways production unit. Yes, there is also a railway station in the colony naming ‘Bhulanpur’, it is a very small station where most of the trains stop just because of the importance of this place.

Extra Circular Activities

The colony contains all for the overall development of a family, there is something for all age groups here. There are Dance Classes, Music Classes, Sewing Classes, Drama Classes, Zumba Classes, etc available in the entertainment center near the movie theater. You can take part in any of these classes of your interest and enjoy the facilities. Even outsiders are also allowed to learn these things with some extra fees.


There are two hospitals in the colony owned by the government of India. One is small and the other is big. There is all kind of facilities like ventilators, ECG machine, blood test center, operation theater, ENT specialist, Gynecologist, etc available here. The colony people also get medicines for free in these hospitals. These hospitals are specially designed for the welfare of the workers and their family members.

BLW Stadium:

DLW Stadium

BLW stadium, also known as the Dereka stadium, is the big stadium made for sports purposes for the employees as well as students of the St. John’s School B.L.W. The stadium is spread in a big area. The surroundings of the stadium are very clean and have a calm environment with a greenery effect. All the big events related to sports and any other celebrations take place in the BLW stadium. A huge number of audients can sit to see the activities in the Dereka stadium. The stadium has a big gate, around 18 feet in height and 15 feet in width. A big Pipal tree is welcoming everybody who enters the stadium.

Other Images

DLW Office

The name of the rail engine is the Mahalakshmi because of its greatness and heavyweight.

DLW Main Office

It is also a rail engine in front of the BLW main office. Plants, trees big garden increases the real beauty of the BLW office. A small board in the garden has written its history means when was the BLW established and started work in this field.

DLW Varanasi

There is a big Varandah divided into many small compartments on the side of the main office for the vehicle parking purposes of the office employees.

Small Entry Gate:

Breakthrough DLWWhat a nice pic of the DLW premises caught by our photographer. The rail engine which is shown protruding out of the wall is the great scene denoting the special services given by the DLW.


This is another small entry gate only for the employees at BLW. How greenery effect has this gate. The sidewalls of the gate show the protruding out rail engines from the walls on the railway platform tack.

DLW Varanasi

The rail engine has its own unique number as well which is WDG4 12022. The walls have also written the small history like establishment date and important Technological Breakthrough.

Diesel Locomotive WorksA big tree behind the wall, which provides shadow to the rail engine, increases the attractiveness of the scene to a great extent.

DLW Train

This is a special type of rail engine in the premises of the BLW which indicates the specialty of the BLW in the special area.

DLW Engine

This is the heaviest rail engine made by the BLW which has its own number. A special type of platform is made for keeping this heavy engine in the BLW premises.

DLW Train

The name of this heavy rail engine is Bhartiya and has the number 6073 YDM which is kept on the premises of the BLW. Having the rail engine prototypes in the BLW premises denotes its importance of work in the particular field.

BLW has its own cricket ground, playground, Bal Udyan BLW campus, BLW Golf Course, BLW swimming pool, BLW officer’s club, BLW cinema hall, BLW residence, BLW power station, BLW canteen, BLW officer’s rest house, and St. John’s School BLW.

Map of DLW Campus

Map of DLW Cinema Hall

Map of DLW Golf Course

Map of DLW Hospital

Map of DLW Swimming Pool

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. What is BLW famous for?

Ans. It is famous for making electric and diesel engines.

Q 2. When was the name of DLW changed to BLW?

Ans. On 28th October 2020, this historic decision was announced.

Q 3. When was DLW/BLW established?

Ans. It was established in August 1961 in Varanasi.

Q 4. Who made the first diesel train?

Ans. Rudolf Diesel made the first diesel train in the year 1893.