DLW Varanasi

DLW is the great place in the Varanasi to see. It is the most famous place in India for the Diesel Locomotive Works. It has become the big center in India for making the parts of the rail engine. Parts of the rail engine are made here and distributed to all the corner of the India through the railway line.


It is located near to the Manduadih Railway station around 3.3 km through the Manduadih road and around 7.2 km from the railway station cantt Varanasi. It is situated around 5.6 km from the Banaras Hindu University through the BHU road.

Address of DLW Varanasi

Diesel Locomotive Works (DLW) Head Office, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India.

DLW Pin Code: 221004

Phone Number: 0542-2270100

Website: http://www.diesellocoworks.com

DLW Main Gate

DLWIt is the main entry gate of the DLW, looks very attractive and its measurements are around 30 feet height and 20 feet width. In the side of the gate there are beautiful pictures of the engine pasted on the walls, making the gate most gorgeous and historical. Heavy vehicles cannot enter to it as they are not allowed. Only small vehicles can enter to it as it is made for the DLW premises purpose only. Many people from the nearby areas such as Manduadih, Shivapurwa and Panchpedwa are used to jogging in the morning daily to get the healthy air as the DLW campus has very calm, peaceful and greenish environment.

DLW Office

Diesel Locomotive WorksIt is the DLW office which is very neat, clean and of standard quality. Front of the office is decorated by the real rail engines which denotes its property. There is a mini bus stands also in front of the office and behind the rail engine for the convenience of the office employees. A National flag of India at the floor of the office indicates the respect towards India and proud to be involved in such work.

DLW OfficeThe name of the rail engine is the Mahalakshmi because of its greatness and heavy weight.

DLW Main OfficeThere is another type of rail engine in front of the main office. Plants, trees big garden increases the real beauty of the DLW office. A small board in the garden has written its history means when was the DLW established and started work in this field.

DLW VaranasiThere is a big Varandah divided into many small compartments in the side of the main office for the vehicle parking purposes of the office employees.

DLW Stadium:

DLW StadiumDLW stadium, also known as the Dereka stadium, is the big stadium made for the sports purposes for the employees as well as students of the St. John’s School D.L.W. The stadium is spread in the big area. The surroundings of the stadium are very clean and have calm environment with the greenery effect. All the big events related to the sports and any other celebrations takes place in the DLW stadium. A huge number of audients can sit to see the activities in the Dereka stadium. The stadium has big gate, around 18 feet in height and 15 feet width. A big Pipal tree is welcoming everybody who enters the stadium.

Small Entry Gate:

Breakthrough DLWWhat a nice pic of the DLW premises caught by our photographer. The rail engine which is shown protruding out of the wall is the great scene denoting the special services given by the DLW.

DLWThis is another small entry gate only for the employees at DLW. How greenery effect has this gate. The side walls of the gate showing the protruding out rail engines from the walls on the railway platform tack.

DLW VaranasiThe rail engine has its own unique number as well which is WDG4 12022.The walls have also written the small history like establishment date and important Technological Breakthrough.

Diesel Locomotive WorksA big tree behind the wall, which provides shadow to the rail engine, increases the attractiveness of the scene to a great extent.

DLW TrainThis is a special type of rail engine in the premises of the DLW which indicates the specialty of the DLW in the special area.

DLW EngineThis is the most heavy rail engine made by the DLW which has its own number. A special type of platform is made for keeping this heavy engine in the DLW premises.

DLW TrainThe name of this heavy rail engine is Bhartiya and has the number 6073 YDM which is kept in the premises of the DLW. Having the rail engine prototypes in the DLW premises denotes its importance of work in the particular field.

DLW has its own cricket ground, playground, Bal Udyan DLW campus, DLW Golf Course, DLW swimming pool, DLW officer’s club, DLW cinema hall, DLW residence, DLW power station, DLW canteen, DLW officer’s rest house and St. John’s School DLW.

Map of DLW Campus

Map of DLW Cinema Hall

Map of DLW Golf Course

Map of DLW Hospital

Map of DLW Swimming Pool