Matridham Ashram Varanasi

Varanasi is a city in northern India with a long historical and spiritual heritage. It is a vibrant city full of life and color, with narrow winding streets and bustling bazaars. Along the sacred river are hundreds of Ghats or steps leading down to the river, where Hindu devotees come daily to pray and wash away their sins. The city also has some of the most stunning temples and shrines, many of which are very old and have been standing for hundreds of years. This makes it a popular destination for pilgrims and spiritual seekers from all over the world who come to experience the beauty and divinity of the city.

Varanasi offers many spiritual activities and is a great place for spiritual seekers to come and immerse themselves in the rich culture and meditative practices of the area. People often take part in meditation in the temples along the Ganges, attend the daily aarti ceremonies, or visit the ashrams of the prominent religious gurus of the city. Varanasi is a place of faith, devotion, and peace, and offers an opportunity to all seekers to connect with the divine.

Varanasi is an experience unto its own, and people flock here from all over the world to take in its unique atmosphere. Ashrams in the area play an important role in nurturing this spiritual atmosphere as centres for teaching, meditation, and spiritual practice. Each of these ashrams has its own unique approach to the teachings of yogis and sages, providing visitors with a range of deeply meaningful experiences. As a home to learning, enlightenment, and devotion, Varanasi is a must-visit destination for any spiritual seeker.

Overview of the Matridham Ashram

Matridham Ashram Varanasi

Matridham Ashram is a place where people of all religions are welcomed. Visitors and followers who want to go to Matridham must first go through a gate that is blue in color to honor Mary and has symbols from the main religions of the Indian subcontinent. One of these symbols is the swastika, which is found all over Hinduism and is thought to bring luck and happiness. Several places to buy rosaries and candles are set up inside the ashram. “Come, let us return to the Lord,” is written on the roof of a big pavilion. “He is the one who hurt us, and He is also the one who will heal us.”

Every second Saturday of the month, thousands of people go to this Catholic spiritual healing service that lasts all day. The whole area around Matridham is thought to be holy ground. Pilgrims usually walk around barefoot, and some even get down on their knees as they move around. There is also a heart-shaped pool. The property has small bungalows for evacuation, and peacocks and peahens live in the many banyan and palm trees. Pilgrims stop at shrines along the way and generally throw coins as an offering.

History Behind the Matridham Ashram

The Indian Missionary Society (IMS) set up the Matridham Ashram in Varanasi in 1954. With the help of Fr. Dayanand IMS, it became a center for Indian Christian spiritual seekers in 1976. Fr. Dayanand planted the first seeds to turn the land from a barren, alkaline area into a fertile one, full of both plants and spiritual life. In the 1970s and 1980s, the Ashram grew into a place where Christian priests and religious leaders could go to get spiritually refreshed. During these 20 years, the Acharyas of the Ashram, Fr. Iswar Prasad IMS and Fr. Vinayanand IMS, worked hard towards the ashram.

“Matridham”, thename means “the home of the mother,” and it is a shrine to Mother Mary. Today, the Ashram is the center of a large spiritual movement of people who follow Jesus Christ, especially those who haven’t been baptized. These people are called “KhristBhaktas.” Under the direction of Rev. Fr. Anil Dev IMS, the Ashram takes care of the spiritual needs of more than 45,000 followers.

The Environment of the Matridham Ashram

The Matridham Ashram is a holy place where people can be quiet, meditate, and feel spiritually alive. People feel close to nature and to the Divine power when they are surrounded by good hearts, trees, and peacocks walking around, giving off great echoes and a spiritual vibe.

The Matridham Ashram in Varanasi is surrounded by greenery. The ashram’s grounds are full of blossoming trees and vibrant flowers which provide a beautiful atmosphere for meditation. The calming atmosphere of the ashram is suitable for those seeking inner peace. Apart from the tranquil atmosphere, the ashram is also home to many species of birds. The Matridham Ashram has a unique and serene environment that is perfect for spiritual enlightenment and growth.

A Look at the Matridham Ashram

The church is the most clear and important sign of Matridham’s role in the inculturation movement. The whole area of Matridham Ashram, which is in the holy city of Banaras, is thought to be holy ground. Even though Catholic charismatic religious events take place in the pavilion, there are three other places in the compound that are especially holy: the shrine of Mary and Child Jesus, the Chapel, and something called the “DarshanBhavan.”

The chapel has eight sides, which stand for the four directions of the world and the spaces in between. A tower connects these eight sides into “one pointedness” (ekagrata), which is a key idea in Hindu meditation practice. There is a big stage where an image of Jesus with fair skin and an orange shawl stands. In Indic religious practices, the color orange is associated with holiness and giving up things.

The DarshanBhavan, which means “house of vision,” is the third holy place that is important. The entrance is framed by two verses: “I have chosen this temple and made it holy so that my name will last forever” and “My eyes will always see and my ears will always hear the prayers that are offered here.” The DaranBhavan also has things from the area where Jesus lived and taught, such as rocks from the Red Sea and dirt from the Holy Land.

How to Reach Matridham Ashram / Location

Matridham Ashram is located at post, Christ Nagar, BadaLalpur, Chandmari, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, pin 221003, India. You can contact the Ashram at (0542) 2290861. The ashram is located in between the city so that it can be easy to reach there. You can reach the ashram through air, road, or by rail.

By air: If you want to get to Varanasi, the closest airport is Lal Bahadur Shastri International Airport. The airport is in Babatpur, and the Matridham Ashram is about 18.5 km away. You can take an auto or book a cab from the airport to get to Matridham Ashram.

By road: The famous bus stop in Varanasi, ChaudharyCharan Singh Bus Stop is about 7 km from Matridham Ashram. From this bus stop one can take local buses or any suitable road vehicle to reach the ashram easily.

By rail: If you prefer railways to reach the popular Matridham Ashram, the nearest railway station is Varanasi Junction. It is about 7.2 km away from this ashram. However, if you are departing at Banaras Railway Station, it will be about 11 km from the destination.