Pandit Hanuman Prasad Mishra

Biography of the Pandit Hanuman Prasad Mishra

Pandit Hanuman Prasad Mishra was born in the year 1913 in the professional music family (related to the Banaras Gharana and Indian Classical Music) in the Varanasi city. He was born at the Kabir Chaura place in the Varanasi district, UP. He left the world in the year 1999 with his so many beautiful events in the heart of the Indian people as well as all the music lovers worldwide. He was very interested in learning the music from his childhood which lead him towards becoming the great Sarangi player. He was inspired from his father too much for his music career.

Career of the Pandit Hanuman Prasad Mishra

He has started his music life by getting education under his family elders such as his own father, named Surya Sahaya and his grandfather. His father was also a great Indian Sarangi player. Pandit Hanuman Prasad Mishra became an excellent Sarangi player of the India just like his father. He always belonged to the family of the maestros in the field of Indian music. He has learned some other important music lessons under the Bade Ramdas ji Mishra (a well known Gayanacharya of the Benares city) as well. He has two sons named Rajan and Sajan Mishra who are also a renowned khyal style singer of the Indian classical music.

He has performed at many places in the India as well as outside the country abroad at the most famous countries. He was the unique Sarangi player and by the dhun of his Sarangi, all the music lovers become happy. He has shifted from Varanasi to the Ramesh Nagar in Delhi and settled there with his family. He taught his both sons (Rajan and Sajan Mishra) the Indian Classical music and khyal style singing. He has many disciples like Pandit Ramesh Misra including his both sons.

Award and Recognition

He has been awarded with the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award in the year 1988.

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