Dhrupad Mela 2016

Dhrupad Mela 2016
Dhrupad Mela 2016 would be celebrated by the people from 28th of February (Sunday) to the 5th of March (Saturday).

Dhrupad Mela 2015
Dhrupad Mela 2015 was celebrated by the people from 15th of February (Sunday) to the 17th of February (Tuesday).
Dhrupad Mela 2014
Dhrupad Mela 2014 was celebrated by the people from 26th of February (Wednesday) to the 28th of February (Friday).

About Dhrupad Mela

Drupad mela is a great event which is celebrated every year in the Varanasi very excitedly by the people. It is a five days long festival of the music organized in the month of March at the Tulsi Ghat in Benaras. Legendary music artists from all over the India come to take part and show their performances in this 5 days long occasion. This festival has become one of the major key points for tourism in Varanasi.

History of Dhrupad

There is a big history behind the musical background of the Dhrupad. Swami Haridas (Guru of the Tansen) was a great and famous Dhrupad singer. Dhrupad singing was completely declined in the 18th century. But, in the 19th century, Dhrupad singing got a new turn because of the rising foreign curiosity in the Indian music. Dhrupad singing is performed through a solo singer or small group of singers by using the Rudra Veena music instrument.


The festivals in Benares drive many travelers attention not only from India but also from all around the world. These festivals in Varanasi are the way to carry on the old traditions and civilizations alive for long in the city. Music lovers come to this occasion and show their talent as well as entertain the crowd. Varanasi is the city of God where past histories stay alive side by side with the present.

Dhrupad is one of the oldest type in Hindustani classical music and currently commemorate as a musical ritual. The origin of the word Dhrupad is from Dhruva and Pada words (Dhruva means fixed and Pada means words). It symbolizes the type of poetry form and the technique in which it is to be sung.