Kinaram Baba

Biography of Kinaram Baba

Aghoracharya Baba Kinaram was born on the Aghor Chaturdashi in the Bhadrapad in 1601 A.D at the Ramgarh village of the Chandauli district near Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh state of India. It is believed that, after birth he had started to cry after three days of his birth by the blessings of the chief Goddess of Aghora, the Hinglaj Mata.

According to the scholars in Varanasi, Baba Kinaram was a great saint and the founding father of the prehistoric Aghora.  Baba Kinaram is believed as the incarnation of the Lord Shiva. The entire people of that region became delighted when he was born at his parent (shree Akbar Singh and Mansa Devi) home in the Kshatriya family. After his birth, he neither cried nor sucked his mother breast at least for the three day. At the fourth day of his birth (three days later), three monks (believers of the Lord Sadashiva: Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh) came to him and took the child into their lap. As soon as they whispered something into the ear of child, wonderfully he began to cry. From that day onwards, the Lolark Shashti festival is commemorated by the Hindu religion at fifth day of his birth as a Sanskar of Maharaj Shree Kinaram Baba. Baba Kinaram had started his religious journey for the social welfare and humanity by the blessings of the Hinglaj Mata (Goddess of the Aghora) at the Lyari district of Balochistan (known as the Pakistan). He was the disciple of the Baba Kaluram, his spiritual teacher, who had motivated the awareness within him about the Aghor.

Afterward, baba Kinaram had established himself in the city of Lord Shiva, the Varanasi for servicing the people and enlightens them with the prehistoric wisdom. He had declared his principles of Aghor in his writings known as the Ramgita, Viveksar, Ramrasal and Unmuniram. The Viveksar is called having the most genuine thesis on the principles of Aghor. Throughout the religious tour, Baba Kinaram had first stopped up at the residence of Grihast Saint (Baba Shiva Das) for few days. He got observed his activities by the Baba Shiva Das very closely. Baba Shiva Das was very impressed by him for his strange qualities. He suspected that he is a reincarnation of the Lord Shiva.

Once upon a time, Baba Shiva Das was handed over his whole belongings to the Baba Kinaram during his bath in the river Ganges, and hide himself in close by the bushes. Baba Shiva Das had observed that the restlessness of the river Ganges was increased as Kinaram approached closer. The level of Gange water was started to increase and swiftly goes down just by touching the feet of him. Baba Kinaram was popularly known as the leading saint of the Aghor tradition (Lord Shiva tradition). He had lived for 170 years and founded the Baba Kinaram Sthal. After his death, his body was buried in a last resting place of him in conjunction with the Goddess Hinglaj.

According to the devotees and scholars, it is considered as the present Baba Siddharth Gautam Ram (Peethadheeswer/Mahant of Baba Kinaram Sthal) is the 11th reincarnation of the Baba Kinaram. Baba Kinaram has founded an ancient aghor seat of the Varanasi city. It is also considered that, at the Gange River bank in Varanasi, he made an akhand dhuni (also known as the sacred fire, constant flaming fire) in order to continue his sadhana of God.

Kinaram Baba Ashram in Varanasi

Baba Kinaram was the aghor of Varanasi city of the 16th century. He had founded the Baba Kinaram aghor ashram in the Varanasi city (named, the Krim Kund Asthal), after getting the darshan of the Bhagwan Dattatreya. Aghoracharya Maharaj Kinaram had passed through all across the India and felt the sufferings of the people. After that, he had engaged his whole life for alleviating the sufferings of the people.

Kinaram Baba Aarti

Aarti of the Baba Kinaram ji takes place at the great occasion of Lolarak khasti Parva. The devotees come to Varanasi (from each corner of the India) to be involved in the Aarti of the Baba Kinaram.

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