Sampurnanand Sanskrit University

Sampurnanand Sanskrit UniversitySampurnanand Sanskrit University

Sampurnanand Sanskrit University was established in the year 1791 in order to make the education process easy and affordable for the common public. The honorable Chancellor of the university is Hon. B.L. Joshi and the honorable Vice-Chancellor is Binda Prasad Misra. It is one of the best Asian institutions which has been established years ago for getting the advanced education and study of the Sanskrit language and other associated fields.
Sampurnanand Sanskrit University is located near about Varuna pull in the sacred city of Varanasi of the Uttar Pradesh state, India.

Sampurnanand Sanskrit University, Jagatganj, Jaitpura, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh 221002, India.

Mobile No.: 09450870751

Phone No.: 0542-2204089, 0542-2204372



Establishment of the Sampurnanand Sanskrit University was planned (by the Jonathan Duncan, the resident of the East India Company of British Raj) as a Sanskrit college for additional growth and maintenance of the Sanskrit Vangmaya. The donation was given by the governor general, Lord Cornwallis. Pandit Kashinath was allocated as a first teacher of the institution. The first principal of the university was J. Myor, followed by J. R. Ballantyne, Ralph T. H. Griffith, G. Thevo, Arthur Venis, Sir Ganganath Jha and Gopinath Kaviraj. Post graduation courses and examination system in the university was implemented and started in the year 1857 and 1880 respectively. Saraswati Bhavan Granthalaya in the university was planned and built in the year 1894 for preserving the thousands of manuscripts. This university has published more than 400 books in a series known as the Sarasvati Bhavana.

In the starting, it was only a Sanskrit College which was converted into the Sanskrit University in the year 1958 by the endeavors of the Dr. Sampurnanand. It was renamed as Sampurnanand Sanskrit University in the year 1974 behind the name of the Dr. Sampurnanand.

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Faculties at Sampurnanand Sanskrit University

Veda-VedangaIn faculty has four departments:

  • Department of Veda
  • Department of Jyotish (Astrology)
  • Department of Vyakarna
  • Department of Dharmashastra

Sahitya Sanskriti faculty has three departments:

  • Department of Sahitya
  • Department of Prachin Rajshastra-Arthashastra
  • Department of Puranetihas

Darshana (Philosophy) faculty has following departments:

  • Department of Vedant
  • Department of Nyaya Vaishesika
  • Department of Mimansa
  • Department of Sankhya Yoga Tantragama
  • Department of Comparative Religion and Philosophy

Shraman Vidya has following departments:

  • Department of Baudha Darshana
  • Department of Jaina Darshana
  • Department of Prakrita and Jainagama
  • Department of Sanskrita Vidya
  • Department of Pali and Theravada

Adhunik Gyan Vigyan has following departments:

  • Department of Modern Language and Linguistics
  • Department of Social Sciences
  • Department of Education Science (Science, Home Science)
  • Department of Library Science
  • Department of Physical Education and Sports

Ayurveda faculty has many departments, such as:

  • Kayachikitsa Tantra (The Internal Medicine)
  • Bajikarana Tantra (The Purification of the Genetic organs)
  • Rasayana Tantra (Health and Longevity)
  • Kaumarabhritya Tantra (Pediatrics)
  • Agada Tantra (Toxicology)
  • Shalya Tantra (Surgery)
  • Shalakya Tantra (ENT)
  • A Bhuta Vidya department (for Spiritual Healing) is planned for establishment in the future.

Research Institutes of the University

All the research activities are managed by the principal of the university which was earlier managed by the director. Vagish Shastri, a famous and prominent grammarian who has edited the numerous books of the Sarasvati Bhavana Granthamala series.

Facilities at the University

Sampurnanand Sanskrit University provides a wide variety of the facilities in its premises for the reliability of the students. It makes available a big library with the great number of books of all the series for the university students. Students can issue any book for their study without wasting money in purchasing the book outside. The hostel facility is also available in the premises of the University for making the education of the students so easy and comfortable. Health center facility is also accessible at the premises for providing students the regular checkup in order to maintain their health and protect them from any big diseases. The university makes available the spiritual center for the students to make them spiritually healthy and fit.

Affiliation of the University

The Sampurnanand Sanskrit University has affiliation with more than 1200 schools and colleges of the Sanskrit medium. It is one of the best and only universities of the country India which has extensive range of affiliations all over the country. The affiliated colleges through the university are as follows:

State and No. of the affiliated colleges:

  • Uttar Pradesh (963)
  • Rajasthan (7)
  • Maharashtra (7)
  • Gujarat (21)
  • Delhi (13)
  • Kashmir (2)
  • Himachal Pradesh (3)
  • Sikkim (4)

Main Entry Gate

University Building

Sanskrit University BuildingThis is the building of the university which looks very big and attractive. Long and broad roads are there inside the university campus.

Historical view of Sanskrit UniversityHistorical view of Sanskrit University

Temple inside the Sanskrit UniversityTemple inside the Sanskrit University

Location Map of Sampurnanand Sanskrit University