Imania Arabic College


Jamia-e-Imania is a religious educational institution in Varanasi which stands for Majma-ul-Uloom, Jamia-e-Imania. It was established on 15 Dec of 1866 as a Shia Religious Seminary for extending the Islamic studies and higher religious education in the Varanasi India. The founder of it was the Moulvi Khursheed Ali Khan by the proposal of the Qaazi Maulana Syed Bande Ali Khan. He was the last Qaazi-ul-Quzaat of the Banaras. The land, for establishing the institution, was donated by him for this purpose as well as he own supervised the construction of the college.

It is the first and one of the oldest academic institutions in Benares India for the Shia Muslims in the Indian sub-continent region. It is fully non-profit, charitable and religious educational institution which is serving the community for long time. It is supported by a large number of religious scholars, professors, authors, preachers, orators (khatibs), poets (shayars) and many religious activists.

It was re-established and rejuvenated again even after facing the variety of disagreeable situations. Maulana Syed Mohammad Al-Husaini reestablished the institution in the year 1983 which is currently one of the rapidly growing colleges under his leadership.